Empathy is a business need.

Yesterday I was so inspired by the wise words of Synchrony Financial Chief Innovation Officer Carol Donovan Juel who asked herself everyday if she could handle an IPO while juggling 3 young kids under 5. She managed (along fellow female leader CEO and CMO Toni White) to spin Synchrony out of GE and to take the company public.

Carol and Toni spoke about the importance of alignment between CIO and CMO, who often have differing priorities. As women in tech and finance (two industries which both lack diversity), #fintech can be notoriously governed by egos and red IT tape. It was so refreshing to hear them share how they powered their team by nurturing their relationships.  

Empathy within teams who work together is not just important for our hearts, it's a real business need. Without caring and communication, it's impossible to rapidly evolve. You can't use people and call yourself a "team" and go on to win. It's vital to remember that the people you work with are still people first and need to be understood as such in order to do their best work.